What We Do

Debt Settlement is Designed to Resolve Your Debt for Significantly Less than You Owe — As Quickly As Possible.

Debt is a hard situation. When you’re looking at increasing credit card balances and fending off insistent phone calls from unpleasant creditors, it can be an all-consuming enemy. You can’t simply ignore it or continue to postpone the actions needed.

What Would You Give to be Free of the Worry?

When you enroll in one of our debt settlement, debt consolidation or validation programs you may have to give less than you think. Our programs do take some time and commitment to complete. We can’t promise that you can enroll with us today and be debt free tomorrow. However, we can promise to do everything to reduce your debt burden. We work tirelessly on behalf of every client and the results we deliver speak for themselves.

Experts Working as Your Advocate

Our team of highly trained debt advisors are your partners every step of the way. Whether or not you enroll in our program, they do whatever they can to empower you to reach your financial goals.

A Different Kind of Debt Relief Company

Many competitors focus on just one of the many debt relief options. These firms push their clients into the solution that’s most profitable for them. We don’t do that – ever!

A Client-First Approach Combined with Debt Relief Expertise

We learned years ago that delivering savings for clients and excellent customer service are what drive the long-term client relationships we seek. We deliver results by maintaining a remarkable group of Debt Advisors that first embrace your situation and then craft the best solution from all the available debt relief options.

We Develop the Best Debt Relief Program for Your Needs with Our Expertise Across All the Available Debt Programs

DISCLAIMER: Read and understand the program before enrollment. The Financial Wellness Debt Relief (FWDR) program is unavailable in all states and fees may vary from state-to-state. We do not guarantee your debts will be resolved within a specific time or for a particular amount or percentage. However, negotiated settlements that we obtain will resolve the entire account, including all accrued fees and interest. Clients who end up making all of their monthly program deposits will pay approximately 65-75% of their original enrolled debts over 18 to 60 months. Not all clients are able to finish their program for various reasons, including an inability to save enough funds. Estimates are based on actual prior results, which will always vary depending on your specific circumstance, including your enrolled creditors and program terms. Using debt relief services will likely adversely affect your credit, may subject you to collections or lawsuits by creditors or collectors, and may increase the overall balances of your enrolled accounts due to accrued interest and fees. FWDR does not assume your debts or make monthly payments to your creditors. We do not provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting, legal advice or credit repair services. Please contact a tax professional to discuss potential tax consequences of less than full balance debt resolution.